Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tell Me I'm The Only One

I'm thinking of broadening the scope of this blog to make it more dynamic and to facilitate routine, consistent updates. The idea of this blog originally started with the intention of having a relatively easy creative outlet for writing. Something that would inspire more effort, more clarity and more feedback beyond private writing. It was originally supposed to be themed as an autobiographical look into being a useless sack of shit college graduate in Boston, but the landscape where the blog started became virulently and uncontrollably political because of the urgency of Obama's bid for presidency. Those political musing evolved into a type of "metaphysics" for understanding and further fleshing out my own views on politics and current events. I started to drop some serious philosophy bombs that are probably equal in their profundity and amateurism.

In order to make this blog more approachable, more engaging and less like a post-traumatic flashback of that rambling, angry nerd in your philosophy class you hated, I figured I'd break down the little rigor I maintained on the blog and turn it into something like a "tumble blog" as my dearest friend JP has termed it. Though it will be much more substantive than the average tumble blog, and it will never be allowed to degrade in form to the nightmarish wasteland of twitter. I will never post about how "mad dope" Pizza Hut's -- oh, sorry, The Hut's pasta bowls are, or complain about my life with appropriate emoticon attached. It should loosen things up here and allow me to make more posts of varying degrees of entertainment and insight. In sum, this blog will act as a quasi-journal, readable inner-monologue, guide to the best parts of the Internet, and soapbox for when I fucking flip out about how stupid you're being.

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Mike said...

cool. You need more space on the left margin too.