Thursday, May 21, 2009


My summer in 7th grade would have been so different if the lyrics of this song actually went "Chinese people make me sick." Pop acts should not only push the envelope on sexuality, they should also use race as an effective means to shock people and sell albums. The market remains untapped. Where sex would once get you arrested for obscenity, it is now a necessary, veiled element to sell popular music. I can see it all, a Britney Spears for an age of pop music that centers around forms of racism. "My new hit 'Auschwitz Ass Shake' is a real tease at how danceable a Jew-free world would be, but I'm not an anti-Semite -- look at my Star of David clad promise ring -- promise not to hate the Jews."

But this is all just speculation at what an alternate world of indecent pop music might be like. I still often wonder was I the only decent person in middle school? There was not enough hatred directed toward LFO's masterful piece of turd. Why must honest people be punished and friendless so that the rest of society can have their carefree, pop-cultural blasphemy against the human spirit? Now I follow most pop-culture with a bloodlust for its total destruction, its unhinging, for some chaos to emerge in its plastic formality.

I'm pretty tired of the confused heterosexuality and machismo of Hollywood movies these days. It seems the past 5 years have been inundated with movies directed at the early pubescent brains of teenage, violent, moronic boys. I swear every goddamn time I want to go see a movie, I'm forced to choose from a list that makes me feel like I'm rifling through some nerd's semen-covered comic book collection in his parent's basement. I suspect this is because the category of teenage boys has greatly expanded with the mainstreaming of video games, making unfulfilled manhood not only socially acceptable but also economically beneficial for those charging 50-60 bucks for one video game, and those that don't want to pay writers to write good screen plays for real movies. Now, those who should be men remain teenage boys well into their twenties and beyond, often avoiding the challenges and responsibilities of manhood. It's much easier to play video games for the rest of your life and fantasize about the masculinity you don't possess but find in the hyperbolic brutes like the historic, "gay/not-gay", frat guys/Spartans of the movie 300 and the claw-wielding bozo Wolverine. Wolverine, the movie, was marketed to the "expanded teenage boy group" by making sure Hugh Jackman's HGH and steroid-filled muscles were as glistening as possible to appeal to the closeted, homosexual arousal of said group. Though they can't quite conceive of it or understand it, there are many social factors at work repressing such a sexuality, their attraction to these buff super heroes is undoubtedly sexual. After getting all hot and bothered watching Wolverine, they probably then go on to play video games, bonding on their hatred of the abstracted "fag" that none of them are -- thank god! And that brings me onto another issue I have with our society, what absurd levels of contradictions we maintain!

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