Thursday, May 21, 2009


My summer in 7th grade would have been so different if the lyrics of this song actually went "Chinese people make me sick." Pop acts should not only push the envelope on sexuality, they should also use race as an effective means to shock people and sell albums. The market remains untapped. Where sex would once get you arrested for obscenity, it is now a necessary, veiled element to sell popular music. I can see it all, a Britney Spears for an age of pop music that centers around forms of racism. "My new hit 'Auschwitz Ass Shake' is a real tease at how danceable a Jew-free world would be, but I'm not an anti-Semite -- look at my Star of David clad promise ring -- promise not to hate the Jews."

But this is all just speculation at what an alternate world of indecent pop music might be like. I still often wonder was I the only decent person in middle school? There was not enough hatred directed toward LFO's masterful piece of turd. Why must honest people be punished and friendless so that the rest of society can have their carefree, pop-cultural blasphemy against the human spirit? Now I follow most pop-culture with a bloodlust for its total destruction, its unhinging, for some chaos to emerge in its plastic formality.

I'm pretty tired of the confused heterosexuality and machismo of Hollywood movies these days. It seems the past 5 years have been inundated with movies directed at the early pubescent brains of teenage, violent, moronic boys. I swear every goddamn time I want to go see a movie, I'm forced to choose from a list that makes me feel like I'm rifling through some nerd's semen-covered comic book collection in his parent's basement. I suspect this is because the category of teenage boys has greatly expanded with the mainstreaming of video games, making unfulfilled manhood not only socially acceptable but also economically beneficial for those charging 50-60 bucks for one video game, and those that don't want to pay writers to write good screen plays for real movies. Now, those who should be men remain teenage boys well into their twenties and beyond, often avoiding the challenges and responsibilities of manhood. It's much easier to play video games for the rest of your life and fantasize about the masculinity you don't possess but find in the hyperbolic brutes like the historic, "gay/not-gay", frat guys/Spartans of the movie 300 and the claw-wielding bozo Wolverine. Wolverine, the movie, was marketed to the "expanded teenage boy group" by making sure Hugh Jackman's HGH and steroid-filled muscles were as glistening as possible to appeal to the closeted, homosexual arousal of said group. Though they can't quite conceive of it or understand it, there are many social factors at work repressing such a sexuality, their attraction to these buff super heroes is undoubtedly sexual. After getting all hot and bothered watching Wolverine, they probably then go on to play video games, bonding on their hatred of the abstracted "fag" that none of them are -- thank god! And that brings me onto another issue I have with our society, what absurd levels of contradictions we maintain!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Last Supper of Christianity And Its Starvation

Christianity seeks to eliminate desire and passion. All passion is a sin outside of a passion for God. What would Christianity's highest ascent look like? The annihilation of the truly passionate man, and in his place, a tepid spirit of minuscule proportions -- no longer needing the severity of the threat from God's judgment and condemnation. Christianity was once a tangible force that struggled and succeeded to control the ferocity of barbarians with a threat of damnation so filled with dread and anxiety that those who once swore their life to battle, their identity paired to their legendary weapons, unrepentant, dangerous men became the sires of the Puritans. What turmoil the Germanic, Nordic and Slavic tribes must have undergone as they were slowly converted to Christianity. Christianity was alive and truly real as a parasite is when its host is virile and capable of withholding the unmitigated growth of the disease. But the spirit breaks, and the host's death is also the death of the parasite.

What should this ideal Christian fear when purged of all desire? Nothing. Christ has come again, and the Revelation has no snorts of wild and dreadful stallions that have come for vindication. It only has the total silence of passion and the cracking of marrow-less bones that sound much like the cry of a feeble Atheism of a person that is doomed to a spiritless, unchosen secularism. We've never known passion. Christianity has killed its host and is now dead. Modern people are without true passion and desire, sickened by Christianity to the point where there is no true sin that needs to be attacked by Christianity. The ability to feel the passion of love and bravery have become myth, the things of legends, the things outside of civilization for wild men because of Christianity's destruction of passion through its lechery. The truth is that the things of myth were the true lives of cultured men and women with incomprehensible societies. Christianity has become nothing by its own nihilistic accord. We are all starved Christians -- the full essence of Atheism.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Brain Like Meat

What kind of an argument is the statement that vegetarians secretly want to eat meat? A profoundly stupid one that is more telling of the quaint polemicist's baseness than the secret drives of all vegetarians. How does one arrives at a sweeping dismissal of vegetarianism by a smug revelation of the supposed desires of humankind?

One reoccurring ethic I encounter in confrontations about vegetarianism is "Meat tastes good; therefore, it is right to eat it, and I shall eat meat." But, can they show me how this thought process is different from "Rape feels good (for the rapist); therefore, by their hedonistic principle, rape is justifiable." Am I comparing eating meat to rape? Yes, it's not as outlandish as it seems in the context of the assertion that meat consumption can be justified by how good it makes one feel; this ethical principle allows for any action to be justified that feels good. You must justify your meat consumption by something outside of "it tastes good" in order to not be complicit with rapists. That I must clarify this to people is baffling. Most never ask "why?" in considering their behavior, and when they are forced to think, an irritating experience, they see no need to justify or explain anything. Meat is pleasurable. I do what pleases me.

The other argument: vegetarians are not outside a human nature that craves meat. Most, including myself, are unwilling to refute the argument that humans are physiologically omnivorous, making the deduction from our anatomical structure and the omnivorous eating-habits of closely related species such as the chimpanzee. Though, it should be considered that humans are built to be geared toward carbohydrate consumption, the main source of our energy. Nearly all mainstream councils on human diet have formulated a nutritional guideline with carbohydrates as the largest percentage of a diet compared to protein and fat; most traditional human diets before industrialized farming consumed many more grains, fruits and vegetables than the much more difficult to acquire meat. Have humans always desired meat as they desire it now?

We begin to unravel nature as a historical event. When we speak of desire, can it be something universal, written into our biology? History says otherwise. The human body, its nature, has a measurable history. A history that cannot be refuted if we are to consider the measurable consequences of the body in dialouge with humanity.

An incessant need to consume meat at every meal is not natural, but rather, it is a manipulation of the omnivorous human by a consumerist economy. How have humans become more obese than ever before in human history? Has this natural desire the polemicist speaks of always existed in human nature? Something in history has changed to make people fatter, and this something must be outside of human nature. Meat, and the desire to eat meat, do not exist in our current world as a natural phenomenon. The formation of identities by corporations through mass-marketing (i.e. commercials, etc.), the supplier controlled market, and government-industry alliances have formulated a world view from which all of us peer. A way in which we view our bodies, exist with our bodies, and formulate a nature which dictate our bodies in a dialogue of restless conflict. Not being able to fit into your pants and dying from heart disease are not only everyday physical events for a large percentage of Americans, but also the physical unfolding of metaphysical events occurring between a human body that has its own physiological reality and the human-made nature from which we attempt to analyze and contort the body. Unprecedented profits and government subsidies make industries such as the meat, dairy, and corn incredibly wealthy and their product abundant; therefore, their wealth buys them political power in the form of lobbyists, and market power in their ability to sell their goods at the cheapest prices ever in history. An entire system is born of this power, and it produces a mindset, a way to view, a way to view the world. Human nature is formulated as a human idea in the context of a society and historical period.

What is the new "innate" nature? Buy. Buy. Eat. Eat. Consume. Consume. It is your nature, and it is who you are! How convenient this identity works to the fattening of wallets. Hmm, suddenly the oh-so-important human nature, the genetic structure that predetermines all of our actions seems to be taking a backseat to the economic-driven rape of our supposed nature with the intention of gaining as much profit and power as possible.

But what of nature? We have the highest ability to overcome our nature, to manipulate nature to our needs, to needs distinctly above and beyond nature. In a sense, we can destroy our nature; we destroy nature daily at an alarming rate -- why not our own!? Meat tastes good, meat is good -- but I am no longer human by your American estimation if I deny my love of meat -- I'm vegetarian! I am seizing my own nature and saying that I am going to cease to be omnivorous. I will be vegetarian, seizing nature, reforming it to my needs, and wrenching it from the hands of a society that attempts to quietly manipulate nature by recreating it to their benefit and profit.