Monday, May 18, 2009

The Last Supper of Christianity And Its Starvation

Christianity seeks to eliminate desire and passion. All passion is a sin outside of a passion for God. What would Christianity's highest ascent look like? The annihilation of the truly passionate man, and in his place, a tepid spirit of minuscule proportions -- no longer needing the severity of the threat from God's judgment and condemnation. Christianity was once a tangible force that struggled and succeeded to control the ferocity of barbarians with a threat of damnation so filled with dread and anxiety that those who once swore their life to battle, their identity paired to their legendary weapons, unrepentant, dangerous men became the sires of the Puritans. What turmoil the Germanic, Nordic and Slavic tribes must have undergone as they were slowly converted to Christianity. Christianity was alive and truly real as a parasite is when its host is virile and capable of withholding the unmitigated growth of the disease. But the spirit breaks, and the host's death is also the death of the parasite.

What should this ideal Christian fear when purged of all desire? Nothing. Christ has come again, and the Revelation has no snorts of wild and dreadful stallions that have come for vindication. It only has the total silence of passion and the cracking of marrow-less bones that sound much like the cry of a feeble Atheism of a person that is doomed to a spiritless, unchosen secularism. We've never known passion. Christianity has killed its host and is now dead. Modern people are without true passion and desire, sickened by Christianity to the point where there is no true sin that needs to be attacked by Christianity. The ability to feel the passion of love and bravery have become myth, the things of legends, the things outside of civilization for wild men because of Christianity's destruction of passion through its lechery. The truth is that the things of myth were the true lives of cultured men and women with incomprehensible societies. Christianity has become nothing by its own nihilistic accord. We are all starved Christians -- the full essence of Atheism.

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