Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Capitalism's Obstacle In Human Nature

Democracy often leads to mediocrity, but mediocrity is a venial sin when compared to capitalism as a system. Mediocrity is an obstacle to be overcome by the capitalist in his unending pursuit for the basest of the base; mediocrity is at least a standard, and the very essence of the notion of a standard is something so repellent to capitalism that most of its sole drive (i.e. profits) goes to the eradication of all standards in personal, aesthetic, moral and political life.

The highest form of humanity in capitalism is an industrial-waste-eating bacteria that shits cash. Unfortunately for capitalism, evolution works slowly, so the human form is an unwilling work-in-progress that must be submitted to curb its essential inquisitive and quarrelsome nature.

Though clockwork social structures have fashioned a corporate-consumerist culture that mimics the biological workings of our theoretical shit-eating/cash-shitting bacteria, where we dole out money for things like our favorite warm and "edible" plastics (do you read your food ingredients?), there is still that innate humanness that has been written on us by nature and cannot be quickly or easily erased; humans have thumbs, and when they are not abusing them to stick them in various orifices, they are, by the very sign of their bodies, ceaselessly engaged in the world as makers. There are always new ways to tinker with the world and fashion new systems as capitalism was once itself fashioned. Strange how capitalism opposes so strongly the very nature that once devised it.

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