Friday, March 19, 2010

Evolutionary Theory And The Closed Circle Of Intellect

By human intellect the theory of evolution was devised, fleshed out, and now, breathes freely on its own. An idea that feeds itself, unfurling like cellular growth completing the mechanized steps of an instructive genome. We simply provide energy to the possible knowledge of a finite theory that explains all biological life from a physicalist foundation. The theory, however, is a purely human idea that is impossible and senseless for any sentience other than one that contains this brain and this body localized in this space and this time. By human intellect, we have explained human intellect and possible human knowledge through a biological, evolutionary understanding; but, through that explanation we realize the simplicity, the falsity and utility of our intellect, not serving the purposes of truth, but, rather, serving the purposes of survival, of life. By ability of our intellect, we have discovered the theory that explains such an intellect, which reveals such an intellect to be highly dubious. The universe contracts and the horizons come to meet us. For truth and certainty may be forever an aspect of humanity that remains incomplete, an impossibility. A malaise sets in and we wonder. But, if one gives up the quest for truth, and accepts the inherent incompleteness of our intellect and knowledge, they go on to another value. The value of life, and the possibility of the human intellect as a tool towards not greater levels of truth, but rather, greater levels of life.


p.k. said...

Brandon, I just wanted to write that I really enjoy reading your blog and am glad I found it via Mike's. In short, we think you're brilliant. Your entries about experiencing life through different lenses by becoming more aware and more conscious of things really inspired me to try and do the same. Instead of seeing restrictions, I see opportunities. Alternate paths exist that I hope will lead me to things that are real, that serve to augment and enrich life rather than distill and disillusion. In a middle world bookmarked between the technological, consumerist society from which we were born and raised and one that is vastly simpler, more basic and arguably predictable, stripped of illusions and much choice, we certainly will see. Thanks and keep on writing.

Brandon said...

Thank you very much. This is one of the most generous compliments I've received.

Do you know Mike, or did you just happen upon his blog?

I'm glad that you find what I say to be inspiring and not threatening or alienating. It is funny because I never really verbalize that aspect of what my thinking is about, but it is very true that there is an inspirational aspect to my thoughts through their tacit concern with core existential crises of humanity.

I've always been drawn to philosophers that speak to me directly and plead and bleed through the page. I just don't see the point of a philosophy that is not applicable to your own life as you live it. Can you existentially experiment with it or not(?), i.e. apply it to your life or not, is the first question anybody should bring to the table. If not, then it is meaningless to a person on perhaps the most essential level of life and truth. But you won't see me stopping any theoretical physicist or mathematician from building their crystal castles in between worlds, that all serves its own purposes but its secondary.

Hope you keep reading, thanks for reaching out and communicating with me.