Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jesus Will Return One Day: Nameless, Faceless, Nonexistent -- Who is Jesus?

The desire for equality is lecherous and self-destructive. The notion of equality is the affirmation of another's power, the establishing of yourself as the other to an absolute measure. If you are to be free, do not seek equality, fairness or justice. Seek an absolute individuation, a narration of self, become reclusive, refuse a dialectic that defines you relative to anything other than yourself. Eradicate language, create new languages through art, become joyfully mad, exactingly hysterical. New concepts, new modes of being paved by the un-thought words that appeared from nothingness into a naturalized, essentialized fact like Abraham's god. There is no God part of the human brain, no God gene, perhaps there is a predisposition for mysticism; all cultures have developed mystical thoughts, but only one main cultural source formulated a monotheistic notion of those primal feelings that developed into an metaphysical plague that ensnares every word and therefore everything thing. Ideas are alive by our unknowing and unwilling participation in their absolute permeating quality in every aspect of life. What if gods and passions reappeared to us one day by the force of a person madder than Abraham, as they float down from unknown worlds and sweep us into a cultural development that free us of our sickening, Christian (Gnostic, Zoroastrian, Platonic) relationships to the material world, to our bodies, to the primal, absolute realities of the complexes and dynamics of true life. A new metaphysics, a new mathematics, a new epistemology, a new ethics; it is bound to happen in our age of nothingness and meaninglessness. Everything is an empty cliche that has been coined by a slavish, vengeful, petty ghost from some Near East slum that the earth had rightfully quashed underneath its sands. These brittle, crystalline structures of language and meaning that shine unabashed, hide their empty caverns, and blind us from the reality that they will all cave in on themselves and new signs and symbols will be formulated again.

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